We’re revolutionising 11+ preparation for your child. Entry to the 11 plus paper will be organised by your local authority, a group of schools or an individual school. Find exclusive 11 Plus (11+) Exam papers with step wise detailed answers and 11 plus maths questions organised by topic. If you like the papers then please do feel free to go to our eleven plus publishers section and source materials from these publishers and others which we recommend. Most areas use either CEM (University of Durham) or GL Assessment (NFER). ... Specimen 11 Plus Maths Paper 1 – 2016. A number of grammar schools and particularly independent schools around the country publish “sample papers” that are helpful in seeing the standard required for the 11+, and in some cases they provide valuable free practice material. Sample 11 Plus Papers.

Free 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Papers – GL Tests The papers below are all sourced from the upper rank of publishers so you can be sure they are good quality and will help your child. With an EdPlace account, you’ll have access to non-verbal, spatial and verbal reasoning resources for ages 8-11 tailored to CEM or GL exam boards; plus 11+ specific English and Maths practice. Download. Smash the 11+ exams with EdPlace!

11 Plus Maths Papers for Grammar School Entry These papers are typical of those that will be faced by children around the country.

Sample 11+ papers Home > Admissions > Sample 11+ papers If your child is going to be sitting the 11+ examination, it might be useful to have a look at these sample papers to get an indication of the academic level required. ... 11+ Maths Papers with Detailed Answers.

The 11 plus papers your child will take depends on where you live.

Y7 Past Papers Sevenoaks School.

Samples from our past papers are detailed below. Other areas write the 11+ papers themselves or choose not to disclose the source.

English: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. GL do not issue past papers but they do publish sample papers which will give you a very good feel for the type and standard of questions they ask.

GL 11+ papers – GL papers are used in lots of areas such as Kent and in very many individual schools such as QE Boys. Free 11 Plus English Exam Papers Use the links below to access the Internet’s largest collection of free 11+ English papers (listed alphabetically). St. Olave’s website has sample papers for English and maths relevant to Bromley and also of use in other areas. Similar to CEM, GL Practice Papers. These are all free to download and require no sign-up.

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They will be of particular use to pupils facing GL tests but we also believe they will be really useful for those pupils facing the CEM Numerical reasoning section.