Humor can play an important role in today’s college classrooms as it has a humanizing effect on the image of the teacher. Communication Education, 52(2): 122-34. Ideas for Bringing Humor into the Classroom (PDF, 2.9 MB, 2 pgs.) It has physiological, psychological, social and cognitive (educational) benefits. (1972). The second question did not receive a unanimous answer however. Communication Education, 60(1): 115-144. Banas, J., Dunbar, N., Rodriguez, D. and Liu, S. (2011). Humor builds a learning relationship through the joyful confluence of head and heart." A Review of Humor in Educational Settings: Four Decades of Research. At the risk of committing some sort of "humor-cide," a type of scientific dissection must take place if teachers are to consider harnessing the powerful effects of humor, not only to increase joy and enhance the classroom environment, but also to improve learner outcomes. This did not come as a surprise, as based on the study that can be found on the “Humour in the Classroom” page above, students benefit from a teacher who is able to do this as they pay more attention in class. Education Humor - something funny happened at school Although ADPRIMA is serious about education, sometimes we all need to step back, suspend disbelief, have some fun, and see the humor in what students are thinking. From State University of New York. EFFECTIVE TEACHING WITH HUMOR 1 ... 1,2Senior Lecturer, Sultan Idris Education University Abstract-Humor has not been used widely in our classrooms as a teaching tool. From National Association for the Education of … Practical tips for young learners.
Berlyne, D.E.
Best Teaching Practices: Humor in the Classroom Ways to use humor in the classroom. He points to a growing literature on how humor reduces stress and tension in the classroom, improves retention of information, and promotes creative understanding. Affective aspects of aesthetic communication.