It persistently investigates why life has disappeared from the cities, and it provides solutions on how to invite life back. Ralph Erskine, from the foreword to "Life Between Buildings" "The partners of pedestrian life he has observed and the recommendations he has made are highly applicable to American cities...A splendid piece of work." “Go out there and see what works and what doesn’t work, and learn from reality. Look out of your windows, spend time in the streets and squares and see how people actually use spaces, learn from that, and use it.” Jane Jacobs People are interested in people, not houses “Life in City- Rediscovering the Center "This book will have a lasting influence on the future quality of public open spaces.

Salle de projection de l'évènement "Life Between Buildings" Exposition présentée à la Fondation Giorgio Cini, isola di San Giorgio Maggiore Le "Louisiana Museum of Modern Art" présente une installation dans laquelle des récits illustrent les visions de l'architecte-urbaniste danois Jan Gehl.
New York City Revitalizes the Life Between Buildings Written by Greg Vendena Mon, Jul 25, 2011. font size decrease font size increase font size (Thanks in part to Gehl Architects) Over the past decade or so, New York City has been making dramatic improvements that emphasize the quality of life on the street, urban vitality, and sustainability. We would very much like to ask you some questions about the film. In order to understand what the film is used for and for what reasons it is downloaded, we need your help. Life Between Buildings: An 18 minute film by Jan Gehl and Tobias Lau ‘Life Between Buildings’ asks the fundamental question “What has happened to life in cities?”.

Un grand écran circulaire permet aux visiteurs de comprendre les préoccupations de l'architecte.