About 40% of current smokers attempt to quit each year 1 and 4% to 6% are successful 2; thus each year about 2% of smokers quit for good.

Below are several articles that I wrote while I was in the process of quitting smoking. Read Some Quitting Smoking Articles. This article discusses why smoking is bad for health and reasons to quit. It’s not easy — but you can do it.

Learn about the most effective methods about how to stop here. Smoking can cause harm throughout the body, including the heart, brain, and lungs.

Every now and then I read them to reaffirm my desire to never smoke again. Great! You’re more likely to quit for good if you prepare for your last cigarette and the cravings, urges and feelings that come with quitting. A brief description of ten helpful tips for people giving up smoking tobacco. They were posted on an excellent support group that I belonged to called "No-Smoke". EPIDEMIOLOGY OF SMOKING CESSATION. So you’ve decided to quit smoking. 1 Most smokers make multiple attempts, such that half eventually quit smoking. It’s one of the best things you can do to improve your health and add years to your life.