Earn a bachelor of science in a variety of agriculture and life science disciplines. Goodnight Scholars to Join CALS.

Undergraduate Programs. They also have different class requirements for major coursework too, depending on which branch within the school you take.

Four new students will explore their interests in biochemistry, sustainable agriculture, plant biology and horticulture, with support from a full-tuition scholarship. North Carolina is home to roughly 44,000 dairy cows, each of which produces nearly 2,500 pounds of fresh milk.

We are a major player in life science and agriculture education. Featured Videos Transporting Milk from Farms to Families.

AP Biology DNS majors may only use one AP Biology score of 5 to fulfill one of their introductory biology lectures (3 cr).

With 18 majors to choose from and over 30 different emphasis areas, you can easily customize your degree to fit you and your career goals. The biology major is designed for students with broad interests in the biological sciences. Biology Major, adding CALS and L&S with a detailed curriculum. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is proud to offer degrees incorporating basic life sciences and applied agricultural sciences.

The major has grown over ten years from small numbers to become the largest major on campus, with over 1200 undergraduates currently and no sign of a plateau.

CLAS: Preprofessional (doctor/dentist/vet) or Integrative (grad school) CALS: Applied, Biotechnology, Natural Science, or Preprofessional Course Requirements for NS-CALS major: 1. The agricultural sciences program produces graduates with strengths in teaching and learning in formal and non-formal settings, community education, and development, and leadership and social change. CALS requires you to take economics and some other course. Agricultural and Resource Economics Agricultural and Resource Economics. NATURAL SCIENCES Introductory biology, 8 cr [BIOG 1500 plus two introductory biology lectures] Introductory chemistry, 8 cr [CHEM 2070-2080 or 2150-2160] Organic chemistry lecture, 3-8 cr [CHEM 1570 (not for pre-med), 3530, 3570-3580, or 3590-3600] Organic chemistry lab , 2-4 cr [CHEM 2510 . Read More. 18 CALS Majors to Prep You for Success.

Biology, CALS.

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The program is comprehensive and flexible, emphasizing the diverse forms, processes and systems of life. Majors . The Biology Major has been a tremendous success for students. CHEM 3010] Physiology, 3 cr [NS 3410(3)] or. or.

The biology major combines the faculty and resources of two UF colleges to prepare undergraduates for careers in the biological sciences, advanced study in professional or graduate schools, productive citizenship and leadership, and lifelong learning. Students with an AP Biology score of 5 are required to take BIOG 1500 and one lecture course. Students in the agricultural sciences major experience an interdisciplinary program of study designed to address the growing needs of todays evolving agricultural and food systems.