Thin plots, even thinner characters, and a complete lack of creativity makes Brickleberry the boring cartoon it is. They need things.

A name is a terrible thing to waste, and it can shape your character more than you might think. 15 Absolutely Terrible Things About The Arrowverse.

Victor Newman. Here Are 21 Popular Movie Characters Who Are Actually Terrible "Everyone seems to like Cady Heron from Mean Girls, but she abandoned Janis and Damian for the Plastics." Okonkwo - An influential clan leader in Umuofia. Many of our favorite DC characters can be just as dysfunctional as many of us. These events lay out some of the terrible things he's been through. Daredevil is one of the most tortured characters in all of Marvel Comics history. 22 Main Characters Who Were Actually The Worst Part Of Their Show. Best New Series . There are no recipes for great characters, but if there were — the chef would probably create something simple with a few, fresh and fantastic ingredients instead of a … 6. With that in mind, the following are 15 heroes and villains from the DC Universe who have done terrible things to members of their family. Top 10 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Daredevil. Sure, he’s done some pretty terrible things over the years, but understanding where he’s come from and his past has made him multi-faceted to fans. The worst aspects of your favorite characters that their films made you overlook. 12 Great (and Terrible) Things That Happened in TV Cartoons in 2012 12 Great (and Terrible) Things That Happened in TV Cartoons in 2012. Throwing in some superhuman powers and there may be a few extra injuries and deaths accumulated in their universe. He was conniving, untrustworthy, used sex to get ahead, and needed a whole lot of recognition for even the smallest things. Though Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow are good in their own right, as a whole the Arrowverse has a lot of huge problems. Just ask the most put-upon denizens of Hawkins, Central City, Westeros, Castle Rock and a specific block-and-a-half in Staten Island. by Taylor Owens. They are motivated by these desires and requirements and they spend an entire story trying to fulfill them. 10 Terrible Things Everyone Forgets About Beloved Movie Characters. Life on the TV, it ain’t easy. Choose wisely. Since early childhood, Okonkwo’s embarrassment about his lazy, squandering, and effeminate father, Unoka, has driven him to succeed. Victor is certainly a character Y&R fans love to hate yet respect too, all in the same breath. Over at Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig sums this up eloquently: ‘Characters want things. There were a lot of terrible things about "Smash." But for those of us who were able to push away its creative faults and get into the over-the-tip drama, Ellis drove us up the wall.