The analysis can be used to evaluate the current business position of Apple.

Considering the position of the leader in the industry, Apple is and will continue to enjoy these available opportunities. Apple’s Strengths. SWOT analysis involves the development of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are encountered by a company during normal operations. The company enjoyed impressive sales in 2018. The SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc will analyze the strength & weakness of, opportunities & threats for Apple. After conducting a detailed assessment of all factors in SWOT analysis in this Apple case study, the conclusion drawn is apple has an edge over its opportunities and strengths over threats and weaknesses.

Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of Apple Matching Customer expectations – Being a leading company since 1980’s Apple has a major market share and the consumer... Incompatibility – A key issue in Apple as a company is that many of its products are … Most valuable brand – Apple is ranked # 1 for the 7th consecutive year by Interbrand – with a brand value of $234 billion. It has millions of loyal customers with steady increment. ; Globally Iconic – Apple is one of the most reliable company when it comes to personalized advanced computers and smart technology devices. However, there is also some good news. However, its financial performance in 2019 (q1 and q2) has weakened due to the US-China trade wars and some other factors. These factors are generated from the daily activities of a company and they are important to the management of the company. Conclusion: Apple is one of the big four players in the technology industry. It provides a broad understanding of the company’s strategic situation.