Protected Areas Protected areas are regions of land or water that have restrictions on human activities, to conserve the area's natural resources. Stephen Cobb leads The Environment and Development Group, an international consult-ing firm based in Oxford. In a world undergoing rapid change, this science informs us about research, technologies, management practices, and policies that can help protect the earth's naturally-occurring biological diversity.

vation biology, macroecology and community ecology. Ecology, biogeography, and conservation biology are difficult topics to separate because of the integrated nature of each. Written by an internationally renowned team of authors, Key Topics in Conservation Biology explores cutting-edge issues in modern biodiversity conservation, including controversial subjects such as rarity and prioritization, conflict between people and wildlife, the human aspect of conservation, the relevance of animal welfare, and the role of nongovernment organizations. Conservation Biology - Science topic Conservation biology is the scientific study of the nature and status of Earth's biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their … Conservation biology is called a "crisis discipline." Specializing in trop-ical conservation, he spent the first half of his career living in remote parts of Africa, reconcil-ing the needs of wildlife conservation and rural development. Understanding ecological processes now requires understanding past events that formed the basis for those processes.