Consumers: Persons who buy goods and use it for services. The Positive Effects of Advertisement. A campaign designed to promote brand awareness, for example, would use different tactics than another … impact on consumers’ brand preference, all the resources such as money, time and efforts spent on advertisement will go in vain. Stefano Tartaglia and Chiara Rollero conducted a study about this in Italy and the Netherlands. File Type: MS Word (DOC) & PDF File Size: 5.08MB Number of Pages: 81 ABSTRACT Advertising and price are two variables that interplay to affect the buying decisions of consumers. There are many positive effects of advertising both for the company and the consumers. The average young person growing up in the United States sees anywhere from 13 000 to 30 000 advertisements on television each year. Google Scholar | … FDA Statutes and Regulation of Direct-to-consumer Advertising. Social Benefits Increases information. Advertising is intended to persuade customers to act in a way that the advertiser wants. Some people claim that advertising causes negative effects, while others argue that it merely reflects what is already happening in the culture. Advertising is intended to persuade customers to act in a way that the advertiser wants. Under FDA law, prescription drug advertisements must not be “false or misleading” and must also include information in “brief summary” about a drug’s side effects, contraindications, and effectiveness. Influence: The effect somebody or something has on somebody or something. Media: The main ways that large number of people generates information or get entertained. Most organizations in Nigeria pay lukewarm attitude in advertising their products and services through effective advertising medium, and this have adverse effect on their output in terms of sales. Advertising: A process activity or program necessarily to prepare message get it to the intended market. And some of those positive effects are mentioned below. For consumers, advertising has multiple benefits, such as making them aware of new products, keeping prices stable, helping people find jobs, communicating important issues and warning them of danger. Other effects of advertising that create a more conscious shift in consumers' thought processes may be due to a strong informational aspect. The point is to motivate targeted customers by showing them how your product or service best helps them resolve a problem or improves their life in some way. It is important to note that advertising and marketing can serve a useful purpose for children.