She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Emilia name meaning is industrious and the lucky number associated with is 4. She is awkward but somehow great at talking to people. The meaning of Emilia is "rival". This name meaning has been searched 11744 eleven thousand seven hundred and forty-four times till … The name Emiliana is in the following categories: Greek Names, Latin Names. Emilia is generally used as a girl's name. Emilia is a name that's been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. Emilia is a feminine given name derived from Aemilia, the feminine form of the Latin nomen Aemilius.The name is likely derived from the same root as the Latin word aemulus, which means to rival, excel, or emulate, but this may be a folk etymology.. Learn more. And whenever you critique your looks, she'll say you're the most beautiful person I've met. Understanding the letters provides essential insight into the deeper meanings of the Torah or the Bible. USA birth(s) for EMILIA by year: After studying the letters in depth it is not uncommon for many people to […] Scroll down to check out MomJunction's extensive list of Hebrew baby names with meanings. See the popularity of the girl's name Emilia over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. It consists of 6 letters and 4 syllables and is pronounced Eh-mi-li-a. 'The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice' Wife to Iago, and lady-in-waiting to Desdemona. A big fangirl, and you'll share that love with her. Shakespearean meaning. If you are thinking of giving your baby the beautiful name Emilia, spread the love and share this with your friends. Each letter is a symbol, full of many inner meanings, from literal straightforward meaning, to deeper spiritual meaning. Instead, we recommend that you pay a greater attention to the origin and meaning of the name Emilia. Find out more about the name Emilia at Etymology. Meaning of the name Emilia: Feminine form of Emil, derived from the Latin Aemilius, an old Roman family name probably derived from aemulus (rival, trying to equal or excel,… The Hebrew name is used for Jewish rituals and prayers, where it’s usually followed by the name of the parents. She doesn't see much beauty in herself, but you can, definitely. Unlike most creative spellings, this one isn't overly trendy or overdone—in fact, it's quite delicate and pretty. Emilie comes from a Latin name meaning "Rival." The name Eber celebrates the wading through of the world's great waters — the Abas of Persia's beliefs, the Sea of Reeds of Egypt and the Jordan …

The name Emilia means To Strive Or Excel Or Rival and is of Latin origin. Name Emiliana Categories. The name Emilia is of Latin origin. Emilie has no meaning in Hebrew. She is humble, and her laugh is so contagious.

And the secular name is used in day-to-day life. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew. Although similar Germanic names like Amalia may appear to be related to Emilia, Emily and Aemilia, they in fact have a different origin. However, it is clearly suffering from the plethora of similar names that are flowing around right now (Emelie, Emilia, Emily, Emilee, Amelie, Amelia) and has fallen more than 300 spots since 2013. The name Emilie is a girl's name of French origin.. In Shakespearean the meaning of the name Emilia is: The Winter's Tale' A lady attending on the Queen. The meaning and numerology of the names are also considered significant. Hebrew letters are not just ordinary letters.

Read our baby name articles for useful tips regarding baby names and naming your baby. For a meaning of this magnificent name, NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads The Region Beyond; BDB Theological Dictionary renders One From Beyond, From The Other Side; and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names reads He Who Passed Over.. Hebrew definition: 1. the ancient language of the Jewish people, or the modern form of it, which is an official….