Fashion is an eternally evolving outlet for expression. Fashion Journalism Personal Statement I have developed a keen interest in how easily society can be influenced over a substantial period. Along with knowledge regarding the fashion industry, you'll need exemplary writing skills. So, if you're thinking about a career in fashion journalism, or at least wishing to study it at degree level, and have no idea what to put into your personal statement… Important Facts about Fashion Journalism.

A dedicated member of the Model United Nations at school, I have been selected to present coverage of this year’s conference, a debating event attracting participants from across the globe. Journalism Personal Statement. I have a profound interest in how clothing can portray a message about one's self. The continued self-reinvention of the fashion world,and the fast pace at which it evolves,manifests itself in the pages of our magazines,newspapers and on our computer screens.Fashion Journalism is a way of communicating the work of various designers and creatives to the world.Thus becoming the mouthpiece for an industry which holds the ability to … When it comes to the written statement, saying you have a "passion for fashion" is an immediate no-no, says Josephine Collins, course leader for fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion… BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism provides an integrated fashion media experience covering the key aspects of fashion journalism through print, broadcast, online and social media.

I am particularly fascinated by the progression in the accessibility of garments since the fashion boom of the 1960s; I'm greatly inspired by the various British subcultural styles that have since been reshaped over the … This can involve reporting on fashion shows or similar events in the field. The way in which an ensemble of words or a single item of clothing can instantaneously persuade the masses never fails to intrigue me.

Leading a small media team, I will create informative reports and ensure their accessibility through voxpops and the school intranet. The course produces accurate, ethical journalists who can operate effectively in any part of the media. As a fashion journalist, you are primarily responsible for reporting on the latest fashion designs or trends. Fashion Marketing Personal Statement I am fascinated with the way the Fashion Marketing industry has such a strong influence over society’s choice of styling, and how it can influence current and future trends through different channels.

September is the time university hopefuls will be anxiously drafting up personal statements and tapping in UCAS details.

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