They put the whole piece in quotes so you know can identify the transcript at a glance. — is dominated every year by the Nordic countries. 3. Freakonomics Radio is available as a year-round radio feed on Content Depot beginning October 23.

The U.N.’s World Happiness Report — created to curtail our unhealthy obsession with G.D.P. All podcasts can be found online with an accompanying transcript so that you can literally hold onto its every word.

Life is full of riddles, and Freakonomics Radio is here to help unriddle them.

They publish their podcast episode transcriptions right beneath their introduction paragraph. The 2018 World Happiness Report features in Freakonomics Radio recent episode How to Be Happy. Masters of Scale podcast transcript.

How to Be Happy, Freakonomics Radio November 29, 2018. Enjoy! Freakonomics Radio podcast transcript. Three university presidents try to answer our listeners’ questions.

Episodes feature content from the Freakonomics Radio podcast and radio specials—delivering the strongest content to the radio platform in the form of a weekly show. The result? Freakonomics Radio. # Listen to How to Be Happy.

Not much pomp and a whole lot of circumstance.

Freakonomics takes a pretty standard approach. Listen to Freakonomics Radio (Stitcher Exclusive) episodes free, on demand. Discover the hidden side of everything with Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics books. Freakanomics Radio posts full transcriptions below every episode. Transcripts may contain a few typos—with some episodes lasting 2+ hours, it’s difficult to catch some minor errors.

If you are ever wondering about the inefficiencies …

Please enjoy this transcript of a role-reversal episode with Stephen J. Dubner (@freakonomics) of Freakonomics fame, who interviewed me for his podcast at, asking me all sorts of questions that I'd never been asked before.

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