Hemingway App has been around for a while, first as a web app and then as a paid desktop app that had seen one major update in its two or so years of existence. Hemingway Editor 2 Review. You might not want to remove them all, just cut them down. Sometimes I imagine readers having a lunch break in the middle of my sentences just so they have the strength to get through the second half. I can’t help it. Hemingway App Review. We reviewed the original desktop app as well as the 2.0 update, concluding in the first case that it may not be worth the cost and that the update had too many compromises to go along with its price hike. I want to make a point and feel that the only way to do this is to write way too many words than I need to express a rather simple point, as this sentence shows. Whether to take the app's advice is completely up to the writer. The app can handle a tremendous amount of script, too. For more enterprise pricing details, please contact the vendor. I've copied and pasted up to 75,000 words of text into the editor and it analyzed it in seconds. Hemingway is far from bloated. But chances are, you will perform many edits based upon the Hemingway App's suggestions. Hemingway helps us out by highlighting any examples of the passive voice. So what exactly is good about Hemingway Editor? Here’s what makes Hemingway Editor a good tool to use: Concise, minimalistic interface. After testing, we found a few favorite things that made using Hemingway worthwhile. I first learned of this app from a blog post about writing tools, and after playing with the free Hemingway grammar and style checker, I went ahead and bought the desktop app so I could use it on my laptop any time I chose. The app will suggest that you keep instances of this below a certain number, depending on the length of the text. When I write I have a tendency to ramble. Hemingway Editor offers an online version that you can use for free. However, you can purchase its latest desktop app from its official website for as low as $19.99. In 2014, Jacco Blankenspoor took a look at Hemingway Editor's new desktop app. Hemingway App Review: Is Hemingway Editor good? Our Hemingway Editor and App Review As a writer who has used the Hemingway Editor app, this review is personal. Quite impressive. Why should you introduce yet another app or tool into your self-publishing process?