Start with; Good Morning, I [Your Name] welcomes all of you in today’s morning assembly hope that you will be fine. I’m Mr (insert surname). The word “Assembly” means “a group of people gathered in one place for a common purpose.” Therefore ‘assembly’ is not just a gathering it is a gathering for a ‘common purpose’ and the common purpose is to “educate” the young minds. We will use the first part of this lesson for you to ask any questions about me so that I don’t just seem like a man who has walked in off the street. Students need to respect you in order for you to have control of the classroom environment so use the first lesson to introduce yourself, learn something about your students, have fun, and establish your authority. A school assembly for primary children should be exciting and interesting – a time when children can learn, share and contribute to a valuable learning experience. Personalize the subject you teach by sharing your own preferences as you introduce yourself. “I print out a list of my top 10 favorite novels and hand them out to my students on the first day of school,” Carla H. shares. how to introduce myself in school's moring assembly? i have to tell any fact or thought so how should i introduce myself in assembly it should contain that i 'm going to tell fact im having no idea, better version of this would be accepted . The first lesson is very important. Experienced headteacher Mike Kent, author of a new book of assembly ideas, offers some food for thought and a few pointers. I am your new social science teacher.

Hi. You have to strike a balance between having fun and maintaining order in the classroom.