If your school is fueled by Google Apps for Education, then using Google Sites to create student portfolios, or "Googlios," makes perfect sense. Google Sites offers an interface enabling students to create comprehensive and varied collections of multimedia materials to craft a narrative of their work throughout the school year. You can also build a digital portfolio. 12 Architecture School Portfolio Tips. You might create a portfolio to apply to a school, a job, or to show how your skills have improved over time. The tool provides site templates, so students won’t need to work on the site structure at all.

With Sites, students can create media-rich websites to display their work throughout the school year.

Want to know how to make a portfolio that will wow people when they flip through it? All they need to do is integrate their site with other Google apps to create their online portfolios. How to Make a College Student Career Portfolio. School administration, teachers, parents, and students are all recognizing the benefits of this amazing tool.

No matter where you are in your education or career, it's not too early to start assembling a portfolio.

< Architecture News. A student portfolio offers a great resource for students who are in high school or college. People often create a portfolio for a specific purpose, like applying to a design school. How to Create a Student Portfolio. A traditional portfolio is a binder or folder that contains samples of your work. Starting a Student Portfolio. ArchDaily lists 12 tips for creating a killer portfolio! Digital portfolios have the ability to impact education and student learning in ways that we simply have not been able to do before technology evolved to the level it is at today.

Typically, it is used to show academic growth, maturity and a proven record of accomplishment. It can then be used either as part of an application to get into college, or as part of a resume when it comes to getting a job. Student Work.