In my Powerful Memory classes, I tell an apocryphal story about a great sailing ship captain who studied a piece of paper every morning, then locked it up in his cabin safe. 7. Link your term visual to your definition visual.

3 synonyms of memorize from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 18 related words, definitions, and antonyms.

Avoid word overload. Memorize based on the sound of the stressed syllable, and somehow, it will be easy to remember the rest of the word. Not to …

2-If you want to memorize a word, you can also read stories. Memorize: to commit to memory. But bear with me here. 2. If you memorize something you know it by heart.

If you study vocabulary by just looking at a word and its definition (even if you do this over and over again), you are only accessing that word from ONE angle. LOG IN; REGISTER; settings. Memorize Technical Terms & Definitions. I know – that sounds lame. Assign a hand gesture to that difficult word and your brain will be more likely to recall it when you repeat that gesture later on. If you want to memorize medical terms then you turn the word you want to memorize into a picture and the definition and then you tie them together into a bigger picture.

Think of new ways to repeat and use your new words and definitions. Research shows that it takes anywhere from ten to twenty repetitions to embed your word into your memory and make it part of your vocabulary. Write the new word and the definition. Making Words Stick If you read this week’s posts, you know how to be a full-fledged word detective.

SINCE 1828. Here’s the study hack: Think about the word. Yup. Find another word for memorize. For example, I taught my sister the pronunciation of an 11-syllable planet name from Doctor Who (“Raxacoricofallapatorius”) in less than 15 seconds, while it took another friend days to get it down. 1-First of all, by chatting with people you can memorize the words. By knowing the etymology (origin) of the word and the various prefixes and suffixes. The stranger or silly the visual is you create, the easier it will be to remember. Quick Notes - Remembering Definitions: Create a visual or image in your mind for both the term and the definition. This has many practical applications… as well as some less practical uses. You also have the vocabulary books that provide you with the best prep. When you were a little kid, you were probably asked to memorize “The Pledge of Allegiance,” meaning you could recite it from memory with no cheat sheets. Using the word memorize as an example - According to Online Etymology Dictionary this word is related to the Sanskrit verb, smarati (remembers). Everyone wondered what the secret was that made him such a great sailor. Now, we need to talk about the process of getting words to stick in your head. Because brain understand the words, save and memorize this way. Think about the word. Below is the magical formula for helping words […] So if you want to memorize a word in English, all you need to do is using the word inside the sentence.

Synonyms: con, learn, study… Antonyms: unlearn… Find the right word.