I was fine with this, but I’ve been working on getting my EMT certification this year and volunteering with the fire department and really all I want to do is go to community college and be a firefighter/paramedic. If you said that once and you mean it, I hate you. But, There are doors closed to me because I have no degree. Couldn't afford college.Went the military route instead. Close. You don't live my life and people that say that don't know anything about depression. I moved out of my moms because I thought I could … I don’t want to go to college anymore It’s been expected my whole life that I’ll graduate and go to college. Don't know if I even want to go to college anymore. Please don't ever say that. Seriously, talk to somebody at school if they have a … save hide report. I regret dropping out, but it was the best thing for me at the time. It's one of the worst things you can ever say to someone depressed. 6. I don't just want to be part of some system, just some schmuck who went to college because everyone told him that's what he was supposed to do.
I used to get straight A's (93-100) but now I'm in danger of receiving my first A- (90-92).

Advice [removed] 6 comments. As a young child, I remember hearing that college was important and college was the going to be the most fun, greatest thing to happen to me. 72% Upvoted. I don't want this anymore. Help. I had 10k saved up in August last year and ended up unemployed for several monthe and now I have none of it. I miss my dog, who died over the summer. Community college is overlooked a lot and can be very beneficial for people who don't want to spend tons of money on college. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This thread is archived. Anyway, go see a psychologist or psychiatrist if you can, tell your parents how you really feel, it is hard but it may assist if they don't want to take you for whatever reason. Good. Help. I'd rather commit my life to community service or something, something that benefits the world and not a corrupt education system and a corrupt business world just so that I can hopefully retire at 65 and have nothing to show for it. 4 years ago. I don't want to go to college anymore because I don't want to be poor I stress so much about money. Don't know if I even want to go to college anymore. Got a good job afterwards and making great money. share. I just want to be a dog owner again. If you can afford it, college … You can take basic classes and gain credits while still having time outside of college to possibly get a job. No.

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