Professional ethics are the foundation of social work, as the trade has an innate obligation to endorse ethical principles and basic values to advocate for the wellness of others. This is the fourth value in the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. Social workers recognize the central importance of human relationships. Importance of Human Relationships – Rejecting the gift may taint the rapport you’ve built, perhaps over several years, or leave the client feeling like you are personally rejecting her. This relationship in turn affects one’s thinking, feelings and action. For more information regarding the NASW Core Values & Code of Ethics, please visit: NASW . The core values adopted by all social workers, as distinguished by NASW, are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships Yeah of course they are… Cz … No man is an island… Our mental health and personal well being are tied up in the quality of our personal relationships.

Every human action contains an element of relationship.

Social workers should work to strengthen relationships among people of … Social workers understand that relationships between and among people are an important vehicle for change. Social workers engage people as partners in the helping process.

Values: As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I proudly adopt the NASW Core Values as my own: ~ Service ~ Social Justice ~ Dignity and worth of the person ~ Importance of human relationships ~ Integrity ~ Competence .

In this fourth installment of our series: Social Work Values in Supervision, we will be reviewing the value: Importance of Human Relationships as it pertains to Supervision. Importance of Human Relationships . Visit Us.

Integrity – Part of our job is to serve as role-models by maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries in professional relationships. Society is said to be the totality in which human beings engage in social relations, or, in other words, it is a “network of relationships”. While recognizing the worth of all individuals, social workers should also respect the relationship of humans as they are important for change or working through dilemmas (Reamer, 2011). The 2019 world social work day highlights ‘Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships’.

In fact, society is society because of relationship. World Social Work Day is on the 19th March 2019.