This study suggests that there is no ‘best policy instrument’, since there are tradeoffs among different policy instruments.

It supports the development of training in the use of economic instruments – pollution taxes, user fees, property rights, etc, – for sustainable development in … Important objectives of fiscal policy are: ADVERTISEMENTS: 1. Instruments of Fiscal Policy.

Let us make an in-depth study of Fiscal Policy:- 1. Objectives of Fiscal Policy 2. It contains information on the use of economic instruments such as environmentally related taxes and charges, environmentally motivated subsidies, tradable permits, and deposit refund systems. The Use of Economic Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management v About This Manual This is a training resource manual. Optimum allocation of economic resources.

This first chapter sets the scene for the work presented in this book.

Economic policy instruments and mechanisms. Policy instruments are generally used in combination, as a policy mix, which “has evolved to influence the quantity and quality of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service provision in public and private sectors” (Ring & Schröter-Schlaack, 2011).

Monetary policy attempts to stabilise aggregate demand in the economy by influencing the availability or price of money, i.e., the rate of interest, in an economy.

This method of controlling credit can be justified only as a measure to meet exceptional emergencies, because it is open to serious abuses. The economic policy of governments covers the systems for setting levels of taxation, government budgets, the money supply and interest rates as well as the labour market, national ownership, and many other areas of government interventions into the economy. An economic incentives package for forest policy would include, at the minimum, concession bidding, resource pricing, resource taxation (royalties), perhaps performance bonds, and investment incentives for replanting.

Abstract. The two main instruments of fiscal policy are government taxation and expenditure.

In the forward planning for global eco-restructuring, policy designers are faced with the difficult task of determining an optimal mix and sequencing of various policy instruments.

They generally need to be coupled with or supported by regulatory and technological instruments.

In the United States, fiscal policy is carried out by the executive and legislative branches of government. Abstract.