Research has long shown that the SAT perpetuates inequalities in access to education. Accommodations must be approved by the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities for students taking the SAT (as well as other College Board tests including, but not limited to, the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, SAT Subject Tests, and AP Exams). He gets extra time because of his ADHD, even though, Susan says, it’s under control.

Scores will be canceled if accommodations are used without College Board approval.

“Why would I take it away from him?” she asks. Score reports, sent directly from testing agencies to the colleges you specify, provide those colleges with official proof of your test performance. At Weston High School in Connecticut, it is one in four and at Scarsdale High School north of New York City, one in five students is eligible for extra accommodations. A high score on your SAT or ACT is a valuable asset when it comes time to apply to colleges, but in order for your scores to help on your applications, they first need to get into the right hands. At Newton North High School outside Boston, one in three students is eligible for extra time or other accommodations such as a separate room for taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exam, WSJ reported. “The colleges don’t know he has extra time.” College Board Approval Required. No, not at all.

I believe that it depends on your desired university. Naturally, gaining an extra 50 percent of the allotted time can alleviate some of the stress of time management.