The purpose of this reflection sheet is to redirect how I and my team mates worked while undertaking the project. This is key to developing ethical practice in a wide range of fields, from business to medicine to teaching. The point of writing this report is to include my thoughts and reactions to the experience. HEC Montreal alumna Lori Weiss reflects on the soft skills she gained on her MBA one year on. The third (and final!) BUS3034 Individual Reflective Report Matthew Richardson 081222553 3 group would give me the opportunity to meet more people that had similar ambitions to my own and who wanted a similar career. Here is a mind-map of what I was able to relate to during the reading/writing/prep of the assignment and the core module. year of our current MBA program in Henley begins with an assignment for Leadership and Change (LC) and it sure does make a good reading. Reflective Reports also develop a capacity for critical reflection on professional performance. In the #HenleyMBA series, we’ve covered how to write up your introduction, analysis and recommendations chapters/sections, so now it’s time to look at the often under-considered reflection section. Professionally I have learned how the administrative world works- or at least have gotten a glimpse-beyond what I see in my day-to-day work. However, after a discussion with my director, he advised me that the Masters in Higher Education Administration might be a better professional choice for my career. I thought working in a group, in a situation this module provided, would help establish new friendships and possibly important contacts for future business ventures.

15356 – Reflective Project Practice Individual Assignment Learning Through Reflection while implementing an Agile Software Development Methodology at a Major Telecommunications Company Report to Mrs Chivonne Algeo 2012 Beatrice Ngo – 10728273 UTS: Design, Architecture and Building Submitted Tuesday 26th June 2012 So, I thought this particular MBA would be my choice. In this post, I’ll discuss 5 essential components of a reflection chapter, and provide some general pointers to keep in mind while you’re writing up this final section. This report has been prepared as a reflective work of my groups business plan for MBA course. Now that it has been exactly one year since I graduated from my MBA, it is a perfect time for some post-MBA reflections on all that I’ve taken away from it.

The reflective journal is a personal record of my learning experiences (White, 2005). – Reflective and inquisitive approach to our role in a problem Personal Learning and the MBA • During your MBA Program, you will be put in situations which will test your limits • Choice is yours – Choose to “tough through it” (SLL) – Choose to “grow through it” (DLL) • Being good at DLL is likely the single most important skill you can develop in this program! I can honestly tell you that it was a worthwhile program that left a lasting impression, though you may be surprised to learn why.