All logical reasoning question types from LSAT Preptests 62-71 This list contains all of the logical reasoning questions from the 10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests Volume V (62-71). Full lists of Logical reasoning questions for LSAT preptests 29-38, 52-61 and 62-71. Use this LSAT Logical Reasoning Spreadsheet submitted by A.J. LSAT Logical Reasoning Question Types: A New Approach. Logical Reasoning makes up half of the LSAT and can make or break your score if you’re not prepared. the argument proceeds by a method of reasoning employed by the argument a technique of reasoning employed by the argument ID REASONING: describe how an argument supports its conclusion. Every Logical Reasoning question from LSAT PrepTests 1 through 20, including full chapters of each of the thirteen question types, as well as compilations of questions dealing with Conditional Reasoning, Causal Reasoning, Formal Logic, Numbers and Percentages, and Principles.

Add in the next two most common question types (Weaken and Strengthen) and that number jumps up to over 60%. All Logical Reasoning questions, organized by question stem. Logical reasoning questions test your ability to recognize parts of arguments, find similarities in patterns of reasoning, draw well-supported conclusions, recognize flawed reasoning, and determine how additional information would strengthen or weaken an argument. Logical Reasoning Question Types by Frequency of Appearance The June LSAT is now 60 days away, and it’s inevitable that people will wonder how to best prioritize their study efforts. Logical reasoning questions by type: Preptests 29-38 Logical reasoning questions by type: Preptests 52-61 Logical reasoning questions by type: Preptests 62-71 Need the preptests? FIND the conclusion and the premises, then summarizing the process used in the argument. Each logical reasoning question type found on the LSAT with explanations on how to answer them. We’ve listed them below, along with specific strategies for each one. Logical Reasoning Question Types. The fourth lesson of the FREE LSAT prep course offered by Insight LSAT. [ RELATED: Top 4 Tips for Logical Reasoning on the Digital LSAT ] The Kaplan Method for Logical Reasoning features 4 steps for each question. Thus far, the list includes 55 real exams administrated over the past 15 to 20 years. This is a comprehensive course for LSAT preparation, taught by an instructor who scored 179 on the LSAT. The number in the 'Frequency' column represents how many questions of that type appear in the official LSAT PrepTests. Here’s a guide to the Logical Reasoning sections. The numbers in parentheses are the page numbers in each book/PrepTest where you'll find each question.