Lucy Parsons is a Cambridge graduate and qualified teacher who has a passion for helping 15-18 year olds reach their academic potential. Around 1870, while living with a former slave named Oliver Gathings, Lucy met Albert Parsons, who would soon become her husband. May 1 became May Day to commemorate this event, & she continued to speak out for workers' rights, political prisoners, & many other causes until her death in … Lucy Parsons (c. 1853 – March 7, 1942) was a radical labor organizer and anarchist communist. She claimed to be of Mexican and Native American heritage. About; Books; Resources; Work with me; Contact; About Me. Lucy Eldine Gonzalez Parsons (c. 1853 – March 7, 1942) was an American labor organizer, radical socialist and anarchist communist. Their marriage, however, was probably not legal, since miscegenation laws (laws forbidding marriage or cohabitation between white people and members of other races) prevented interracial marriages at the time. Lucy Parsons was a controversial African American leftist civil rights crusader of the late 1800s and the early 1900s.. Background. Lucy Parsons in 1886, the same year her husband was hanged after leading a march down Michigan Ave in Chicago to demand an 8-hr workday. In her children’s birth documents, Parsons gave Virginia as her original place of birth. Who Was Lucy Parsons? Lucy Parsons Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Even contemporaries of Lucy Parsons, such as the popular anarchist-feminist Emma Goldman (with whom Lucy Parsons became a life-long political opponent), accused Parsons of being an otherwise unimportant opportunist who simply rode upon the cape of her husband’s martyrdom, describing her as nothing more than one of those wives of “anarchists who marry women who are millions of miles … She is remembered as a powerful orator. I'm Lucy Parsons. Her firm defense of labor began gaining momentum when she and her husband, Albert Parsons (one of the Haymarket martyrs), moved from Texas to Chicago in 1873, and the pair became deeply involved in the labor movement there. Throughout her life, Lucy Parson was a staunch supporter of workers, free speech, African-Americans, and women. She became involved in anarchist organizing alongside her husband and rose to national prominence during his trial and execution for the Haymarket Affair. Lucy Parsons was born in 1853.She claimed that she was born in Texas.