Activity. Club Sponsor Mission Brief Description of Planned Activity Academic Bowl Team Kim Foster ... Club Sponsor Mission Brief Description of Planned Activity RRHS Club List and Activities with Sponsors 2018-19 FCA - Fellowship of Christian ... Mu Alpha Theta Amy Towriss To promotes interest in the 1 talking about this. Good luck to all. Volunteer Experience. Eagle Scout, Mu Alpha Theta treasurer, Math club, international math modeling competitions, NHS, club soccer for 10 years, school soccer jr high and high school, lacrosse in jr high and high school, AP Scholar (3 tests so far) So stressful. Amarillo College Beta Eta chapter of the Honors organization Phi Theta Kappa. Mar 2020. DECA ICDC Finalist DECA. -part of DECA, Mu Alpha Theta, and NHS-top 6% of graduating class. Maintained a 4.0 GPA all 4 years of highschool. He's a percussionist in the Dragon Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and leads a small percussion ensemble. Academic Requirements – Students who have completed Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 and currently enrolled in Precalculus, Precalculus Honors, Calculus 1 Honors, AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC or any mathematics course subsequent to this course are invited to apply for Mu Alpha Theta. 2016 Central New Mexico Science and Engineering Research Challenge . - due Th/F, April 11/12 Business Academy Distinguished Plan for Graduation in May 2020 - This will include a Service Stoll. ... Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, Fall 2015. This is the fourth review packet over inference. Student(s) School Grade Project Title Place Awards Special Awards Arianna Abad & Megan Agena RRHS 11th & 11th The Effect of Calcium Content on Snail Shell Growth Rate ... MU Alpha Theta (Certificate) For more information on this bright young man, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 M-F. Mr. Youn's Class Website RRHS Academic Award for GPA 4.0 and higher, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018. More than 4,000 students applied for the elite scholarship program, which inspires and nurtures visionary leaders and helps them use their talents to benefit society. ... RRHS. As a junior, Jared is carrying a 4.7/5.0 GPA, ranks in the top 26% (211/786) of his class, including multiple AP/Dual Credit Courses, is a member of the Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, has been nominated for NHS and scored 1180 on his SAT. Ayden Machajewski is a 16-year-old Junior at Round Rock High School in Round Rock, Texas. Mu Alpha Theta Member Boy Scouts Volunteer for Non-Profit Agency Apr 2019. Select your user type for logging into myLearning, Pasco County Schools' implementation of Canvas LMS. As usual, see your teacher for the in-class review packet. Mu Alpha Theta Club - This will include a Service Stoll for Graduation in 2020. Everything that has been posted here up to this point WILL REMAIN HERE... but if you need to keep up with current stuff for the 2019-20 school year and beyond, here's the new location (which is open to the public):. 11.4 HW - AP Review IV Inference (skip conditions for #1-14!!!) Texas Computer Science is welcoming three Forty Acres Scholars this fall. Per district requirements, we have been required to move all of our class websites over to Google Sites. Back in February, 54 impressive finalists visited UT campus for a full weekend of in-person interviews and a glimpse at what life on the