Music: இசை,இசை,சங்கீதம்,சங்கீதம். Tamil is the language spoken in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. ... Tamil Film Music; Tamil Information Technology Association; Tamil language; Tamil Language Entrance Proficiency Test; Tamil lanuage; Tamil literature; Latest Tamil Music & Kollywood Songs News: Check out the latest Tamil songs, new music albums, trendings Kollywood songs, top music charts, video songs, hot music videos and more at … There are three main category of Tamil music - devotional, classical and folk music.

Tamil Dictionary definitions for Music. ils 1. Carnatic music has been present in Tamil Nadu for ages and has attained its heights of glory here. Oru Kutti Kathai (MASTER) Tamil Official Single Track - 128Kbps & 320Kbps - MP3 - 5MB & 11MB - Anirudh Ravichander. Shruti or śruti (/ ʃrut̪i /), is a Sanskrit word, found in the Vedic texts of Hinduism where it means lyrics and "what is heard" in general. The yazh (Tamil: யாழ், also transliterated yāḻ) (pronounced "yarl") is a harp used in ancient Tamil music.A closely related word yali (யாழி முகம்) refers to any structure, particularly front, that resembles the way the tip of stem of this instrument was carved into. Music definition Noun. Music: இசை, சங்கீதம். Classical ragas and melodies have found timeless association with the life of the people here.

It is also an important concept in Indian music, where it means the smallest interval of pitch that the human ear can detect and a singer or musical instrument can produce.