The meaning of slander — on the streets and in the courts — depended on an intersection of words, law, morals, and honour. The precise connections between insults and dishonour, between slander and morals, and between litigation and reputation, were complicated and variable; and they were shaped at every level by gender. honour or reputation$ and secondly, 'an exhibition in public of the work that is prejudicial to the author's honour or reputation because of the manner or place in which the exhibition occurs' amounts to derogatory treatmenL7 Yet not all side‐changers were scorned. With Graham Abbey, Emma Campbell, Matthew Edison, Christine Horne. I also think there is to much fame now a days when back then fame was rare and … eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Maid of Honour. Protection of honour, reputation, and privacy. Complete summary of Philip Massinger's The Maid of Honour. The chapter concludes that those individuals with an aggressive sense of honour and heightened sensitivity to perceived slights were most prone to changing sides. The protection of individuals’ honour, reputation, and privacy in Western systems is, on the whole, adequate, though it is achieved in varied ways. The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Respect, Honor, Reputation appears in each act of A View from the Bridge. One factor accounting for the hesitation regarding when to provide protection is linked to the difficulty of balancing privacy rights against free speech. Click or tap … Honour, reputation and fame back all that time ago where earn through working hard or being an amazing solider or a great and wise also Honour and reputation were earned back then not excepted like they are such like many football players and rich people who except honour and reputation to be given to them.