Le Big Duck, le grand canard en français, est une construction constituée d'une armature recouverte de béton ayant la forme d'un canard, situé à Flanders (en) dans l'État de New York sur Long Island, et qui servait de boutique pour vendre des canards et les œufs de cane. Ducks and decorated sheds : by DylanDog: Sun Jun 06 2004 at 17:50:41 : In their fundamental 1972 book Learning from Las Vegas, Robert Venturi, Denise Brown, and Steven Izenour developed these two categories from an intensive analysis of the Las Vegas strip to describe buildings and their relationship to an observer passing by at automotive speed.

Architecture is a big social structure. DSB: It’s very-very complex. Description.

We don’t find it easy to tease our ideas apart.

The work of Venturi, Scott Brown, and John Rauch adopted the latter strategy, producing formally simple "decorated sheds" with rich, complex, and often shocking ornamental flourishes. Venturi et al. The book coined the terms "Duck" and "Decorated Shed," descriptions of the two predominant ways of embodying iconography in buildings. Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: Learning from Las Vegas: SuperCrit #2 Mar 26, 2008. by Kester Rattenbury , Samantha Hardingham Hardcover. Le Big Duck est un des premiers exemples connus de publicité littérale. Creativity in this office comes from two minds and then from a lot of other minds as well. ”Architects can no longer afford to be intimidated by the puritanically moral language of orthodox Modern architecture.” – Robert Venturi

IMPLICATIONS OF ROBERT VENTURI'S THEORY OF ARCHITECTURE UDC 72.01(045)=20 Fil Hearn University of Pittsburgh, History of Art & Architecture, Pensilvania, USA Abstract. Robert Venturi: That’s what the world thinks. Although criticized for these shortcomings by post-modern … VP: Are there two architects or just one in two bodies? Beginning with a functional program, the rational design method adopted by modernist architects took cognizance of neither cultural meaning nor context. $123.40 $ 123 40 $195.00 Get it by Monday, Oct 07 Only 1 left in stock (more on the way).