This is what caused Romeo and Juliet to hastily marry because they were scared what would happen if their parent's found out about their love for the family's enemy. What do you think would have happened had Romeo and Juliet gone to their parents and explained their love and asked their families to work out their differences? How does history repeat itself? Decide which 3 interest you the most and circle them. Romeo and Juliet Essential Question Introduction Q4 Essential Question - Introduction to Tragic Love. It was probably one of the first love stories written ever that showed the difficulties and obstacles others may have to go through for love. How does the cause-effect relationship work and how does it relate to the events leading up to the tragic end of the play? Why is it important to study classical plays like Romeo and Juliet? Essential Questions for thought, discussion, and collaboration Are Shakespeare's views on love, loyalty, friendship, and fate still relevant today? What do you think might have been the cause? Why do we still care about Romeo and Juliet?

It introduces the play by outlining the basic plot and telling us that it will end in tragedy. Act II, Scene i Essential Questions. Metamorphoses, Ovid . Recognize literary features including character, plot development, theme, and setting. In which northern Italian city is the play set? What lessons can be learned from Romeo and Juliet that apply to our lives today? Imagery that is repeated can set the tone of a work. _____ What do Mercutio’s lines prove about his character? Directions: In this Act, characters like Friar Laurence have good intentions to help Juliet and Romeo; however, sometimes good intentions do not equal the end results we want. What is the purpose of the prologue? (What makes a work of literature “timeless”?) I told them we would use the statements from yesterday to choose our 3 Essential Questions for "Romeo and Juliet." What is worth fighting for? Act II of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet Scene-by-Scene Questions The Prologue 1. The basic themes of love, fate, hatred and death are introduced.

What specific questions will guide this unit and focus teaching and learning? Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo & Juliet Essential Questions. Almost everything happens to Juliet too early. Juliet complains that she saw Romeo and fell in love with him “too early,” before she knew he was her enemy. Students apply their literary analysis and writing skills to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, as well as related works, with a focus on the Common Core ELA standards RL.9.-10.9. What is worth dying for? Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare (Drama) RELATED TEXTS . In Romeo and Juliet, hate, violence, and revenge were the cycle that the Montagues and the Capulets feud thrived on. Activity: Re-read the statements very carefully. We have also seen characters like Juliet take desperate measures to be with the ones they love. Literary Texts (Fiction) • “A Poison Tree,” William Blake (Poem) • “ The Raven,” Edgar Allan Poe (Poem) • “ The Story of Pyramus and Thisbe ” from . Romeo and Juliet and The Globe Theater’s history Shakespeare’s English is very close to modern English.
English Language Arts, Grade 9: Romeo and Juliet 101 UNIT: ROMEO AND JULIET ANCHOR TEXT . What is love, anyway? What are the components of a tragedy and how are they used in “Romeo and Juliet”? Please think about the questions below before and after we read the scene. Drama: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Freshman English Level I Fifth Unit 3 Objectives Students will be able to: Analyze the techniques and conventions of drama. Essential Questions. Who killed Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet Essential Questions. Look for other examples in the text to support your idea of who is the stronger character. Act II, Scene i Essential Questions.