Now that we've covered the similarities between the two tests, let's dig into the differences. Even a 36 on the ACT does not equal an 800 on the SAT. I searched, but couldn't find a thread addressing SAT scores (taken in 7th grade) compared to SSAT scores (taken in 8th). June 2009. #1: Purpose. My ds did not prep for the SAT, but I do expect he … Replies to: SSAT scores VS SAT scores #1. cba 217 replies 2 threads Junior Member. The first major difference is the purpose of each test. In the case of the SSAT, the test-taker population is a relatively homogeneous one—students applying to college-preparatory private/independent schools. The similarities are that they touch on the main academic basics that students who are competing to get more advanced education. PSAT vs SAT: What's Different? Nevertheless, when we compare ACT scores to SAT scores, we are comparing two different things with different types of questions and a different amount of time allowed per question. First, remember that the purpose of an admission test is to offer a common measure of academic ability which can be used to comp are all applicants. Whereas the SAT is a common requirement for college admissions, the PSAT is an SAT practice test and the basis for the National Merit Scholarship Program. I'm curious if the scores are generally equivalent, higher/lower, and how much prep factors in.