There are a list of “Canons of Construction” which provide guidance to courts when interpreting statutes or their provisions. He contended that he is not an immigrant - he was born in Victoria, but moved to China in his fancy 26 years ago. So far as a judge is concerned, the concept of legislative intent provides the correct constitutional orientation. Some principles and legal maxims have been set out below: (a) When reading the law the plain language is to be given effect.
It can only rule on … It is important to note that these presumptions and maxims are only applied when the intention of the legislature is unclear from the legislative text. Although the process of statutory interpretation has received considerable atten-tion, its history has not. An interpretation which gives effect is preferred to one which makes void. [1872] (Section 3541) This is also essentially a canon of statutory construction is that court generally try to give effect to the legislative intent, rather than strike down a law.

Interpretation must be reasonable.
Statutory construc­tion is nothing more than judicial process of discerning and declaring intent of legislature. Giving meaning to a statutory provision is therefore a highly controlled task. Even a statutory provision that at first appears unambiguous can engender significant difficulties when applied in the real world. statutory interpretation. Presumptions and statutory interpretation were considered in Potter v Minhan: Facts: the respondent entered Australia from China, and was asked to take a dictation test as was required of immigrants. Statutory Interpretations and Legal Maxims: The GST Acts like other recent laws in India is not simple and may need to be read considering the general principles of interpretation and may also need to follow legal maxims laid down over centuries. 1: IntroductIon to Statutory InterpretatIon 3 Unfortunately for newcomers, this is an ‘inescapably’ complex task which ‘involves an art, not a science’.6 The role of the courts in statutory interpretation is limited by the separation of powers doctrine. Due to this, E.U had been somehow rule U.K and U.K is somehow like losing its power in ruling its own nation. Presumptions and Maxims of Interpretation of Statutes. A history of statutory interpretation has yet to be written, either for the civil or the common law.' Max Radin's observation of 1942 remains true today. When the judge says that the goal of statutory interpretation is to ascertain what the legislature intended, the judge is acknowledging her constitutional relationship with the legislature. Statutory interpretation primary main objective was to help judges to interpret on the purpose of the Act but till today this objective still stand but at the same time there is something holding it back, it is the U.K’s membership with E.U.