First, empathy is good for patients. For example, it had become common practice at Uber meetings for people to text each other – about the meeting. Genetics, perspective, history, empathy, and experience come together to demystify […] The healthcare system is undergoing major changes. When patients perceive that they connect on common ground with the physician, they have better recovery rates. They provide insightful observations about healthcare, marketing and/or business. In these 10 TED talks that every social worker should see, some of the most perplexing questions about human thought and behavior are dissected, and many surprising answers and theories are proposed. Second, empathy is good for doctors. No matter what job we do, work can be taxing on our mental health. TED Talks are short, powerful speeches about ideas worth spreading. In her TED Talk, Compassion and the true meaning of empathy, Halifax shares what she’s learned about compassion in the face of death and dying as well as what she has learned about the deep nature of empathy. Enlightening TED Talks About the Autism Spectrum Temple Grandin Steve Silberman Wendy Chung Carina Morrilo Rosie King While there are quite a few delightful presentations on the subject hosted by TEDx, the five Ted Talks about autism selected for this article provide a broad approach. Halifax talks about compassion as something that is an inherent quality and a quality that exists in every human being. When it comes to key aspects of supporting a business and in turn, its purchasers, TED Talks don’t fall short in these departments . Background Diagnostic imaging procedures are cutting-edge technology, but at the same time they are an unpleasant experience for patients – and even more for pediatric patients. Many turn to TED Talks to gather insight on a particular subject matter. Will these changes make us healthier? The following TED Talks provide a glimpse into the ways in which medical visionaries are utilizing technology and age old wisdom to transform healthcare. Rebecca Onie: What It builds trust, which increases patient satisfaction and compliance. ... 07 November 2017 Powerbase’s John Bentley talks empathy, EQ, and AI … Since Ted talks appeared in 1984, inspirational messages to the world from experts and change-makers, from a variety of backgrounds, have … Brown explains that empathy is a skill that strengthens with practice and encourages people to both give and receive it often. Watch these TED talks though and you might find new ways of thinking about it. Empathy matters for a couple reasons. By receiving empathy, … Watch these TED talks though and you might find new ways of thinking about it. “Empathy, logic, authenticity were all wobbling like crazy,” she says, “but we were able to find super-effective, super-quick fixes” for the first two. You are welcome to share our list of TED Talks for healthcare. At GE Healthcare empathy was needed to understand how children experience CT, X-Ray and MRI scanning procedures. Or compile your own and circulate your favorites. By increasing empathy and compassion through accurate awareness and acceptance of emotions, real widespread change can be ignited.