We forget about stereotypes and go through interesting facts that you need to know. While the Vikings had settlements all over Scandinavia, throughout Europe and the wider world, Norway is often in focus when we talk about Vikings today. What: The Viking Valley Market in Gudvangen, Norway is an international community of Viking enthusiasts who built a town called Njardarheimr. It also displays the world’s two best-preserved Viking long ships from the 9th Century. Fjord Norway has a rich historical heritage and many visible traces of the Vikings, who ruled the country for an era between AD 800 to 1066.
This is probably one of the most popular Viking sites in Norway.

The Viking Age Despite their reputation, the Norsemen weren’t just barbaric, axe-wielding invaders. Read more. Around 1000 years ago, Norway was home to the Vikings. In the old Viking country on the west coast of Norway, there are people today who live by their forebears’ values, albeit the more positive ones. #2.

The Vikings have conquered Hollywood and are now returning home to Norway. The Vikings have earned their place in history as a seafaring warrior culture with a fine eye for design and a good ear for storytelling. The Vikings who invaded western and eastern Europe were mainly pagans from the same area as present-day Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Join us and meet the Vikings! Their homeland was in the three modern Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
Viking expansion is the process by which Norse explorers, traders and warriors, the latter known in modern scholarship as Vikings, sailed most of the North Atlantic, reaching south to North Africa and east to Russia, Constantinople and the Middle East as looters, traders, colonists and mercenaries.

Avaldsnes Viking Festival. The town was financed locally and visitors are encouraged to become a part of their history while continuing to build, learn, and experience Viking culture. Two museums in the same ticket : Use your ticket from the Viking Ship Museum to get free entry to Historical Museum within 48 hours. As we are a website all about Norway, it makes sense to start right here!

Modern Viking king. Thousands of Norwegians are now working to rediscover valuable, forgotten parts of their Viking heritage. Historically, the Viking era began with the attack on Lindisfarne monastery in AD 793, and ended with the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, when the English army successfully repelled the Viking invaders led by King Harald Hardråde.

The biggest Viking Festival in the West of Norway, the Viking Festival at Avaldsnes becomes the 4-day home to over 200 vikings from around Europe. Viking Valley Market, Gudvangen . The Viking Ship Museum presents Viking ship discoveries from Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune as well as other finds from Viking tombs around the Oslo Fjord. Viking Tour.