First World War Timeline . Answer to: What is the timeline of the Battle of Vimy Ridge? The four divisions of the Canadian Corps, fighting together for the first time, attacked the ridge from 9 to 12 April, 1917 and captured it from the German army. Vimy Ridge is now in Canadian hands. April 10, 1917 We have done very well, though suffered a lot. It was a brilliant victory for the Canadians, who sensed a new national awareness. It was noteworthy for the swift and spectacular gains made by the British in the opening phase—above all, the capture of Vimy Ridge, considered virtually impregnable, by the Canadian Corps—but it ended as a costly stalemate resulting in some 300,000 casualties. The Battle of Vimy Ridge, during the First World War, is Canada's most celebrated military victory — an often mythologized symbol of the birth of Canadian national pride and awareness.
April 10, 1917 The 4th Division attacks the remaining German positions on the ridge just east of Hill 145 and quickly captures them. Battle of Vimy Ridge. The town named after the Ridge will be well in our rear. Battle of Arras, (9 April–17 May 1917), British offensive on the German defenses around the French city of Arras during World War I.
On Easter Monday, four Canadian divisions and one British brigade captured Vimy Ridge, near Arras, France, with a loss of 3578 killed and 7000 wounded.