What's Your Spiritual Type? This is a shocking, painful, and extremely unsettling period of life. And the second goal, is to break this bondage of life after life. …think your mind is sharp enough to answer even 10 of these mental challenges? Either way, take your time when answering them.

Know that there's help and support on your spiritual awakening journey, right here! I have been blessed by many teachers and most recently a new teacher came into my life and I was so moved by her belief in me that I decided to honor her with a Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award. Sit with each one for a bit. Best answer: I am sorry about all that you are going through, but you can be assured that God loves you and cares about how you feel. The answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ is much more complex and cannot really be expressed in a sentence or two. Overall, the question of who am I is possible to give an answer by categorizing the general characteristics of an individual’s life into three divisions. Questions 24.

But who knows, maybe I underestimate your intuitive powers and creative mind. This should be our aim in life. I’m more than my body, more than the job I do, more than how I seem to friends. Addressing 10 common spiritual questions below, Rick Warren reveals the truth plainly without clouding the issue with religious jargon or rules. “Who am I?” is the title given to a set of questions and answers bearing on Self-enquiry. "Spiritual Mission" Question: How can I know what my spiritual mission is all about? (1 Peter 5:7; 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4) Many faithful servants of God, in Bible times all the way down to our day, have experienced trials and tribulation. But unlike the popular new age depiction, the spiritual awakening process isn’t all love, light, and roses. This human life is for attaining eternal liberation (moksha) from the bondage of karma. Spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of our spiritual paths. Anyone, regardless of his beliefs and convictions, can experience that he is a constant or eternal observer of existence. * Question 1: Why is there evil in the world? It is said that when you are ready the teacher will arrive. The questions were put to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi by one Sri M. Sivaprakasam Pillai about the year 1902. The Profound Buddhist Answer To This Intriguing Question “Who am I?” Just about all of us have pondered this question, whether it’s while lying in bed awake in the wee hours of the morning, or after being asked that question by a complete stranger at a dinner party. Life sometimes decides otherwise and makes you undergo what is in the plan. Sri Pillai, a graduate in Philosophy, was at the time employed in the … It used to be such a simple question to answer.