Like most of Shakespeare’s plays, much of Othello is written in blank verse, i.e. Asked by Rachel G. on 4/21/2015 9:00 PM Twelfth Night is one of only four plays by Shakespeare that has more prose in it than verse. None would die, Cassio would not have been maimed. Sometimes it’s also interesting to look at lines that don’t match the rhythm of iambic pentameter and to think about why. All metre is about stresses and syllables, though, and this isn’t the only kind of metre we’ve got! Verse is like poetry and it has a set structure and rhythm. For Shakespeare, let us remember, verse represents not some heightened language, but simply the sounds of people talking. The quickest way to figure out whether you’re dealing with prose or verse is to glance down the left hand margin of the page. If every line begins with a capital letter, it’s verse. When does Shakespeare use verse and when does he use prose? The rhythm Shakespeare uses in his plays is called iambic pentameter, which is like a heartbeat, with one soft beat and one strong beat repeated five times. First of all, it is highly debatable as to whether Hamlet actually goes mad or if he is pretending. five ‘feet’ of two syllables each, an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one. William Shakespeare was both playwright and poet, and a master of the clever use of the English language of his time. Othello and Desdemona would have blissfully begun their married life on the island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Venus. Shakespeare writes in a combination of prose and verse. However, there are still patterns to be found in blank verse. Get an answer for 'Beginning in act 2, scene 2, why does Shakespeare change Hamlet’s language from poetry to prose for much of the rest of the play? ' lines that on the page resemble lines of poetry but which do not rhyme nor have a dominant rhythm when spoken aloud. The Shakespeare novice may not be immediately aware when Shakespeare switches from verse to prose. The general metre is iambic pentameter, i.e. Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 5: Why does Shakespeare have Romeo and Juliet speak in rhyming lines instead of blank verse? Shakespeare writes his plays in mostly verse, after all! It is, however, the first one most people learn about. Without Iago there would be no play.