You don’t have to remember the font, size, or paragraph spacing, just click Heading 1 wherever you want the same style of heading. Word for the web styles are coordinated to work together, just like in the Word desktop application. Word – Using Fields to Automate Inline Numbering; Word – Understanding the Table of Authorities Feature; Recent Comments. This is known as an "inline heading" or "in-paragraph heading". Share them with others and work together at the same time. Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft Word. It basically allows … Save documents in OneDrive. Word – Behavior When Pasting Sections | Modern Legal Support on Word – Watch Out for Hidden Headers and Footers; Mike Mitchell on Numbering in Word – Part 1; Mike Mitchell on Word – Understanding the Table of Authorities Feature If you want one of your heading levels to actually be "inline" with the paragraph it precedes, applying the styles and not messing up your Table of … The second option is to use what is called a "style separator." For example, under Home > Styles, click the Heading 1 style to change text to 18-point, Segoe UI in one click. As long as your copy of Word is not configured to print hidden text, your heading will appear inline with your body text, and the TOC will appear just as you expect. Problems can occur when the inline heading must be in the Table of Contents, because Microsoft Word wants to put the entire paragraph in.