They are looking for examples of times you delivered value, and whenever possible, with numbers to support them.

Using these words helps demonstrate your strengths and highlights why you are right for the job. See lists of resume buzzwords, verbs, and adjectives, and which words to avoid and use to land that dream job fast! Creative. I am able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. 2.


Energetic. These are great adjectives to describe yourself: 1. List of resume action words, action verbs and power words to use instead of: team player, leadership, responsible for, communication, and lots more. I am working on dead verbs and I have to write five for each word.

Therefore, we tapped a group of HR and resume experts to give us the inside scoop on the 21 words and terms to never include in your resume. 3. Able. Plus how to use power words in a resume to get more interviews.

1 decade ago What words can replace the words 'is' 'am' or 'was'? 4. Power words also jazz up your job descriptions and make them seem alive, as opposed to flat. The trick to writing the perfect resume for your desired job title is choosing the perfect resume words. Your resume needs an update—that is, if your resume is like that of most people, it’s not as good as it could be. The problem is language: Most resumes are a thicket of deadwood words and phrases—empty cliches, annoying jargon and recycled buzzwords.Recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers see these terms over and over again, and it makes them sad. Filling precious resume space with verbose language or overused buzzwords can certainly backfire.

Take the opportunity to liven things up a bit.

Your resume isn’t a place for modesty; it’s a chance to show companies all the awesome things you’ve done—and what you can do for them if given a chance. Words to include on your resume Examples of your past work give employers clear evidence of how you are different from other applicants.

I am always energetic and eager to learn new skills. Instead, make a point of using powerful action verbs and avoid overusing the same verbs (such as “assisted,” “oversaw” and “utilized”). I am a dependable person who is great at time management. Positive words to describe yourself. Weak, vague or overused verbs can actually diminish the excellent work you did at your last job, so choose action verbs that more accurately reflect what you do.

I use a creative approach to problem solve. When writing a resume, it’s important to avoid weak and passive verbs, stay away from business jargon or clichés, and watch out for tired words and phrases.These faulty word choices can undermine the strength and effectiveness of your resume. It's important to use power words in your resume and cover letters when applying for jobs. 25 magic resume words that will land you the job: Ladders 2020 Resume Guide.