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But instead of focusing on your death, I’m going to focus on your life. Your principles of non-violence and Satyagraha has made tremendous changes in many lives . They wanted to destroy the tradition of … Gandhi ji is a Polyglot, he knew Gujarati, Hindi, English, Tamil, Urdu, Latin and french(Proficiency varies).

Dear Mahatma Gandhi, Just a few days over fifty-eight years ago, you were assassinated.

Mahatma Gandhi is widely known as "Father of the Nation and Bapu" for his incomparable contribution. You were a person whose wisdom continues to inspire, and to give hope. The letter to Gandhi also urged the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government to ban liquor in the state. He had raised voice for the social development of rural areas in India, he inspired Indians to use indigenous goods and even voiced their voice against the British on social issues.

It went out of print in about six months. Dear bapu, you inspired me by your principles and movements . To meet the popular demand for it and to make it available to individual readers at a reasonable price a new soft-cover edition was soon released.

My letter to Mahatma Gandhi. Selected Letters of Mahatma Gandhi www.mkgandhi.org Page 3 PUBLISHER'S NOTE A deluxe edition of Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi was released in 1969. He was a great man who believed in non-violence and social unity.

The man had made several attempts on your life, and on January 30, 1948, while on your way to prayer, Nathuram Godse, killed you. Dear Babu, I am writing this letter to say how you inspired me .